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Key points

  • The target audience of a website can be split into novice or expert, and by age range.
  • Novice users will be able to use intuitive interfaces with graphical elements such as icons and menus. They can not be expected to understand how to use a computer without training.
  • Expert users may wish to have a graphical interface, but would also want access to powerful tools for navigating through files and making changes to data. Keyboard shortcuts and scripting are two good examples of features that an expert user would use.
  • Database programs may have a novice interface (easy to add, delete and change records) and an expert interface (possible to script, do multiple edits at once and control user access)
  • Age range is important when designing an information system. Young users expert simple interfaces that they can learn quickly. Older users may have eyesight problems and the interface should adjust to help.



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