Agile software development

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File:Agile Software Development methodology.jpg
Diagram describing the agile approach

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Key points

  • Agile Software Development is a process used for fast-moving projects that consist of small groups of developers
  • The purpose of agile development is to provide responsive process which can quickly change the requirements of the program to suit the client
  • This is achieved through rapid development - versions of the software are updated in small steps and tested. Frequent updates will be made to the programs. Testing is carried out during the implementation, for small parts of the program.
  • Websites are often developed along the lines of this process - an alpha website will be prototyped and tested in-house, but from the beta version onwards, updates will be regular and responsive to user feedback.
  • Agile software development could be considered more “bottom up” than “top down” because each unit of code can be created, tested and demonstrated before the whole project is put together
  • Some Agile methodologies include a representative of the client within the development team to allow developers to respond even quicker to changes.



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